It’s early April, and The Very Vintage Day Out had been in full swing for hours.  The audience had reacted the loudest to this pretty face all day, and as the judges deliberated their decision, the suspense was palpable!  I think they did it on purpose…

And then there it was, the announcement that the Miss PinUp New Zealand title for 2014 went to…. Miss Victory Violet!! 




Ella, a.k.a. Miss Victory Violet, had run a very strong campaign, and was an incredibly well-deserved winner!  So much preparation, effort, practice, planning and campaigning goes into vying for a title like Miss Pinup New Zealand.  For a behind-the-scenes, be sure to have a read of Ella’s play-by-play post about her day at Very Vintage Day Out.

Along with the title, Ella scored a whole stash of sponsor prizes.  One of which was a Custom Garment, Made For and Inspired By Miss PinUp NZ 2014; designed and lovingly hand-crafted by moi!  But more on that later.

For now, I would like to introduce you to Ella, to her work, and her dreams…  Enjoy!


1) What first sparked your love of the vintage style?

I couldn’t tell you what first sparked it… it just grew over the years.  I was a kid who adored dress ups and as I grew up I gravitated towards swing styles and bought my first vintage dress from St Kevins Arcade when I was 16.  When I started hairdressing, that was when my passion grew stronger.  Through attempting to recreate vintage hairstyles, I fell more and more in love with it, started searching the internet for inspiration and came across a couple of online clothing companies.  After the first order from one of them, I was completely hooked and have never looked back.


2) Who are your three most inspirational people?

How to pick only three!  For my style, I take a lot of inspiration from other gorgeous pinups on Instagram.  I love seeing how other women have put together the look and done their hair but my biggest pinup style inspiration is Doris Mayday.  She totally captures what it is to be a modern pinup!

Secondly, is women who promote positive body confidence like Tess Munster, Elly Mayday, Georgina Horne and Micheline Pitt.  There are so many others, these wonderful ladies are just a few…but I couldn’t pick just one!  In today’s world, we are surrounded by the media telling us we have to lose weight and look perfect.  These women embrace their imperfections and celebrate them and that is so special and such a needed presence!

And my last inspirational person is my Mum.  She has shaped me into the woman I am today, has always been so supportive and is a pillar of strength!




3) Why did you start your blog, Miss Victory Violet, and what do you love about it?

I started my blog this year as a new way to share hair and makeup tips, clothing reviews etc.  I get a lot of requests for hair tutorials and questions about things like makeup and beauty products, so this year I decided to start the blog to give me a platform to answer those questions.  It’s also a great creative outlet and I’ve really enjoyed writing again- something that I loved back at school.


4) Who would you most love to do hair and make-up for, and why?

I would love to do blogger Georgina Horne of Fuller Figure Fuller Bust’s hair and makeup!  She is so gorgeous and so much fun!  She has a incredible figure, is very inspiring and stands up for women in so many ways.  My husband and I might be visiting London next year, which is where Georgina is from, and I’m super excited at the prospect of finally meeting her!




5) Where is your favourite place in Auckland for date-night with your man?

Our favourite restaurant is Taiko in Kingsland. We both love Japanese and Taiko is so cosy and friendly and the food is just amazing. Dinner there and then a movie is a perfect date for us.


6) How has winning the Miss Pin Up NZ title affected you? And have you taken on any new responsibility due to the title?

It was such a honour to win the title and given me a real boost to keep doing what I’m doing and make the most of my year as Miss Pinup New Zealand.  I am just taking each opportunity as it comes and am so grateful for all the fun stuff I get to do!  One thing I am organising is a Body Confidence Seminar with Rita Sue Clothing.  Low self esteem is so common among women and I want to do my bit to try to help women find confidence in their bodies and not feel like they need to meet the media’s expectations.  A few years ago I would have never thought I could have the confidence that I do now, and it’s incredibly empowering (not to mention the happiness of actually enjoying life!)… I want to try to help women who are in a dark place to push through all that and learn to love themselves!  Everyone deserves that!




I couldn’t agree more!  Be kind to your lovely selves, you beautiful ladies.  Enjoy your life, and all the life around you devel_heart


Congratulations Ella, we look forward to seeing your porcelain face all over vintagey events this year, you gorgeous talented thing!

And just like the judges at Very Vintage Day Out, I will keep you in palpable suspense for just a wee bit longer, for a full peek at the custom design project I undertook with Ella this month.  So close you can taste it!





All Photos Courtesy of Miss T Pinups